Monday, August 8, 2011

Sketch and Final Rendering for Concept Ship

Thumbnail sketch  to line work to Final Photoshop. 9 Hours of Work.

Random Van sketch

Concept Ships

This is first sketch which drastically away from what I normally do as a car Designer. It was fun doing and trying different effect. Key thumbnail sketch was done in Sketchbook pro. Refined line work was also done in Sketchbook Pro. 

Photoshop was used to render the concept ship.The fun part is first time I did majority of portion of photoshop work with mouse and not on Cintiq. Probably last 20 % details were done on Cintiq.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marker Rendering Video Tutorial

 In year 2008 I conducted Auto Design workshop in IDC, IIT Bombay. Few enthusiastic students captured the marker rendering. I have combined those videos together and made tutorial out of that. Hope it will be useful for aspiring Design students.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Proportions- Notchback

Concept of Golden proportion is the most beautiful thing nature has shown in its creations. 

The 1 to 0.618 or 1 : 1.618 works very well to make the proportions appealing and to look balanced.  The concept of golden Proportion( Section) was widely used in art and architecture, Greek art, Ancient Egypt. The Golden Proportion, phi, has been observed to evoke emotion or aesthetic feelings within us. The ancient Egyptians used it in the construction of the great pyramids and in the design of hieroglyphs found on tomb walls.
It was used in the design of Notre Dame in Paris.

We have talked about hatchback proportions before. In case of notchback we can see the wheel base and height proportions in reference with the wheel size. There are some basic thumb rules while drawing the sedan. From wheel center the height is 1 W + 0.6 W ,W= Wheel diameter.  The wheel base is 4W+ etc. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For next few days I will talk about Proportions. Why they are important in car design and they come way before the Form generation.

Proportions are important for any object to look beautiful. It is true in human bodies also.

Vitruvius described as the principal source of proportion among the orders of proportion of the human figure.

Even before we go to sketch exportation it is important to define the proportions of the Car in side view. Chris Bangle says in his Car Design workshop that “PSD” is vital part of the Car Design. P= Proportions, S= Surface and D =Details. They come with priority with proportion being at the top.
Some Proportions are like Golden proportions; proven to look beautiful.
For example Nautilus shell looks beautiful because of its Spiral proportions first, then the surface definition and lastly the details.

For that matter I have given example of the Hatch back proportion. As the relation of the wheel and the whole body structure is important. The proportion scale is in reference with the wheel. The moment I change the wheelbase or the height of the car in relation to the wheel size the car will start looking out of the proportion.

Quick car rendering in Photoshop

This tutorial shows how to quickly render a car in Photoshop with a marker rendering style.
PDF for Downloading: