Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For next few days I will talk about Proportions. Why they are important in car design and they come way before the Form generation.

Proportions are important for any object to look beautiful. It is true in human bodies also.

Vitruvius described as the principal source of proportion among the orders of proportion of the human figure.

Even before we go to sketch exportation it is important to define the proportions of the Car in side view. Chris Bangle says in his Car Design workshop that “PSD” is vital part of the Car Design. P= Proportions, S= Surface and D =Details. They come with priority with proportion being at the top.
Some Proportions are like Golden proportions; proven to look beautiful.
For example Nautilus shell looks beautiful because of its Spiral proportions first, then the surface definition and lastly the details.

For that matter I have given example of the Hatch back proportion. As the relation of the wheel and the whole body structure is important. The proportion scale is in reference with the wheel. The moment I change the wheelbase or the height of the car in relation to the wheel size the car will start looking out of the proportion.

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