Friday, July 29, 2011

Proportions- Notchback

Concept of Golden proportion is the most beautiful thing nature has shown in its creations. 

The 1 to 0.618 or 1 : 1.618 works very well to make the proportions appealing and to look balanced.  The concept of golden Proportion( Section) was widely used in art and architecture, Greek art, Ancient Egypt. The Golden Proportion, phi, has been observed to evoke emotion or aesthetic feelings within us. The ancient Egyptians used it in the construction of the great pyramids and in the design of hieroglyphs found on tomb walls.
It was used in the design of Notre Dame in Paris.

We have talked about hatchback proportions before. In case of notchback we can see the wheel base and height proportions in reference with the wheel size. There are some basic thumb rules while drawing the sedan. From wheel center the height is 1 W + 0.6 W ,W= Wheel diameter.  The wheel base is 4W+ etc. 

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