Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beijing Motor Show 2010

Beijing Motor Show 2010 opened with theme 'For a Greener Tomorrow'. Knowing that, this show offered Evs and Hybrid cars at every stand , I am trying to figure out where our Auto Expo 2010 stand ! And majority of these Evs and hybrid cars are actually production cars, on sell , not Concepts !! Amazing....

In 2009, 13.65 million vehicles were sold in China (Number one car market). Domestic as well as International players are trying hard to introduce new models in very short time. They have to do that as market grew by 40 % last year there. Some unbelievable figures ..!!

This show showcased
65 concept vehicles and 89 models making their world debut.

The designs are much better than before. Offcourse many cars were designed by European design houses but that typical Chinease touch seems to be need of the game..!!

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